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Jesse Alison is a comedian, actor, writer, & director based in Cleveland. He has trained and performed with The Second City, been seen on HBO, featured in The Onion, and performed stand-up at the world famous Comedy Store. He performs at comedy clubs, colleges, and festivals all over the map, and sometimes off of it completely. He likes to play music, read about math, and cook with spices that smell up the whole apartment. You can see him around town in plays, and around the country telling weird little jokes.

James Catullo is a performer and writer. His career began in Pittsburgh with The Cellar Dwellers Sketch Comedy and Improv troupe. In Cleveland, he performs with the imrov troupes Good Diner Party and Thunderlips and The Submissives. He is the co-creator, co-writer, and co-star of the podcast radio-style serialized comedy-adventure series Dodge Intredpid and the Pages of Time. He lives in the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland with his wife and dog.

The first thing a fly on the wall at a Tim Cornett show would notice is that half the audience is reciting parts of Tim’s act from memory. Fans for years, these folks have seen him live before, They are longing to see him in person and in action. . . and action is what they get.

Tim is a storyteller. His heartfelt humor engages audiences with a hilarious blend of characterizations and spot on observations to which everyone can relate. Even the hardcore “I usually don’t laugh at comedian” types, cannot help but surrender to his energy and visual antics targeted directly at tickling their funny bones. It also doesn’t hurt that Tim is more eye candy than everyone else.

Tim is a force of nature. Funny is funny and Tim is funny. Tim shows people themselves. He holds up a mirror to each of us and helps us not to take ourselves so seriously.

Tim is the kind of guy you’d love to have as your friend, the guy you’d want to have on your team because you know Tim would “cover your back.” He’s equally at home standing in the Rose Garden at the White House, golfing with Joe Montana and other NFL greats, shooting an impromptu episode of Airline while traveling on Southwest and kibbutzing with the tellers at the bank.

Not everyone has charisma. Not everyone leaves you better off than they found you. Tim has “it” and gives “it” to you.


Marissa DeSantis is a freelance writer and singer/songwriter/guitarist with a background in film and theater. Most recently she has written and performed monologues in This Improvised Life, and her video submission won Positively Cleveland’s “Hastily Made Tourism Video” contest. Marissa is an event planner for the Ohio Chapter of Girls’ Pint Out, a women’s beer advocacy organization. She enjoys digital and instant photography and filmmaking. Look for Marissa’s writing at Metromix.com and HeDrankSheDrank.com. She lives in Ohio City with her husband and her dog Barley.

Jessica A. Fleming is a writer, actor, and film professional hailing from the suburbs of Cleveland. An MFA candidate in Screenwriting at Hollins University, Jessica enjoys writing sitcom spec scripts and avoiding her thesis. She has appeared onstage locally at convergence-continuum and Cleveland Public Theatre’s Little Box, as well as various community and institutional theater companies. She has acted in numerous shorts and crewed five feature films, most notably serving as Production Manager for the Cleveland-based Beautiful Garden. An insatiable word nerd, she devours foreign language and works for Berlitz as an instructor of English as a Second Language.

Liz Huff is active in musical theater, concert work, improv, and collaborative arts projects throughout the Midwest. She has appeared as soloist with the Cleveland Pops and Lakeland Civic Orchestra, and onstage with the Beck Center, Lakeland Theatre, OddyFest, CPT and Kalliope Stage. An advocate of new music, Liz has premiered works by Cleveland composers Marshall Griffith, Kevin Krumenauer, and Deborah Magid, creating three roles for Ms. Magid’s works Being Earnest, Costumbrismo, or Khandihba War, and Cowboy Poet. As the voice half of the voice/guitar duo Dos Gatos, she has performed for Classical Revolution Cleveland and Porchfest 2011. Liz is co-founder of Title TBD! An Improvised Musical and improv comedy troupe Rockwell 9, which returned to the Del Close Marathon in NYC this August, for the second year in a row.

Nick Staron has a variety of theatrical experience including acting, musical theater, improv, film, sketch and standup comedy. He is blessed to have a day job as a camera operator and is the cofounder of the feature film production company Glowing Nose LLC. With his twin brother he produced, shot and edited Between the Walls and Bringing Up Bobby for the Christian film market. Combined these films are available on six different continents.

TubShark is a Cleveland based Sketch-Theater group that produces a live Multi-media show. Utilizing, video, music, sketch, stand-up and audience interaction, TubShark appeals to as many senses as you have (5 senses). Wind TubShark up and watch it swim. Tubshark has seven members who collectively have credits from HBO (online, so sort of), to the shadowy Illuminati (which is a word that must be capitalized, according to spell check; conspiracy?) who haunt your subconscious from the center of the earth. TubShark is a Justice League of comedy nerds, actors, writers, film makers, improvisers, musicians, stand-up comedians, and Tim. If Shark week were funny, 48-65 min. long, not at all about Sharks, and a multi-media sketch show, then it would be a
work of genius so powerful, that Bernie Kosar would watch. So come see our live show, who knows who you might see!


Posted August 23, 2011 by tubsharkcomedy

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